Recent Study Says: Eating Too Much Lychees Could Kill You


Consistently, an obscure ailment strikes the poor youngsters living in the town of Muzzafarpur, India. In the Bihar area, in excess of 100 kids a year experienced a puzzle ailment which incorporates sudden seizures and losing cognizance, with around 33% of them passing on.

The specialists have recognized the reason for this puzzling ailment and bound it to the utilization of vast measure of lychee natural product, on a vacant stomach. At the point when devoured on a void stomach, the lychee natural product contains amino corrosive, which can bring down blood glucose levels, subsequently sending youngsters into hypoglycemia.

An examination and with the outcomes distributed in The Lancet was propelled by the US Center for Disease Control and the National Center for Disease Control, India.


After the revelation of the reason for the disease in India, wellbeing authorities have exhorted guardians to ensure that their youngsters get full dinners at night and to decrease the quantity of lychees they eat. The quantity of cases, has reduce from that point forward.

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