Tyler Yahne's Slash

An existential slasher comedy about a couple who checks into a Michigan hotel visited by a serial killing maniac who attacks New Jersey residents there each year.

Florinda 1973

As Rolando comes to work for the household his mother works for, he meets Florinda, the wife of Rodrigo, who has suddenly disappeared. Strange things suddenly happen to Florinda, and the two begin to discover what is behind it.

Burp! 1986

A hooker is stranded at a bustop, and a man crashes his car next to a phonebooth there. The hooker is attacked by punks, but fends them off; the man is attacked by the phone, and doesn't fare as well.

Snake Princess 1984

Lovebirds (love snakes?) Bunga the Snake Princess and Sanca the python live in a forest and transform into humans and hold erotic dance ceremonies every full moon. Some explorers stumble upon them and Sanca is accidentally shot. This incident makes Bunga sad, angry and vengeful and she begins killing everyone off.

Face of a Killer 1972

Rubia, a rich widow who has a granddaughter named Rina, is terrorized repeatedly by the shadow of a man holding a knife and wearing black gloves. She reports it to Inspector Arifin who starts to investigate.

Satan in Her 1974

Every country deserved their own Exorcist rip-off... and here's one from Indonesia! Imbalanced old spinster Laskmi is fed up with being mocked by her niece Dewi and one day dies after a drug overdose. Laskmi then decides to fuck up Dewi's world from beyond by possessing and torturing her, plus turning her into a murderess. In a surprising development, an exorcist is eventually called in to help.

Inheritance 1989

Indri quickly rushes home from abroad when her father suddenly dies. At home, she finds her nursemaid Tuti tied up while her stepmother has gone back to the village. At night, someone is stalking the house. So she suspects that her father’s death was unnatural and her suspicions ring true. Somali, the vice-president in her father’s company, wants to take over the latter’s wealth by colluding with her nursemaid.

The Scavengers 1987

Be warned, this campaign from the now defunct anti-fur trade pressure group Lynx fully deserves its 18 rating, as it starts out in a genuinely unsettling mood of David Lynch weirdness, then triumphantly embraces the sort of gut-level revulsion Lucio Fulci and David Cronenberg utilised in their most effective shockers to hammer the point home.

Miedo a la muerte 1989

In this outrageous sequel to Garra de tigre / “Tiger Claw” (1985), martial artist Ruben Gonzáles returns to battle a killer bear, a necrophile psycho and zombies.

Night of the Vultures 1988

Mexican horror-crime-type film, with a group of young people going on a brutal rape and home-invasion-killing crime spree and filming their escapades with a camcorder as it happens.

Dangerous Stories 1988

Three stories with horror and science fiction elements. 1st episode: "The Curse of Tutankhamen" (Tsutankâmen no noroï) by Kazuyuki Izutsu. With Naoto Takenaka. Two clans of Yakuza clash in a bar. 2nd episode: "They came back, tonight too" (Yatsura wa konya mo yattekita) by Kiyoshi Kurosawa. With Renji Ishibashi. A polar writer is pursued by two mysterious mountebanks. 3rd episode: "I want to come back to this day" (Ano hi ni kaeritai) by Banmei Takahashi. With Toshiyuki Nagashima. A couple who robbed a bank decides to separate to escape the police.

Possessed Grandmother in the Eerie House 1988

A follow-up to Nenek Lampir ("The Possessed Grandmother"). Rusimini is possessed by the spirit of her baby that she abandoned after birth and finally dies a tragic death. Her "imperfect" death (without peace) is used by the devil to wreak havoc. People are influenced to commit sin and then murdered, as if that is the only way for a "perfect" death to be achieved. To stop the wave of evil, Kyai Abdullah, a religious teacher, arrives to drive away and placate the evil spirits with peace.

Forbidden Agreements 1990

Murti (Sally Marcelina), the daughter of bankrupt farmer Murdali (Wenda Wijaya), is offered up as a bride to relieve a family debt owed to loan shark Juragan Hamid (Mawardi Harland). Before the forced marriage occurs, Murti and her boyfriend Yusman (Johan Saimima) run off and marry one another is a mystic ceremony witnessed by the spirit of the dwarf shaman Mbah Jagaraga (El Koesno). After becoming married to the man she hates, Murti learns that Juragan Hamid is a fugitive convict so he kills her to secure his secret. Murti’s death disturbs another spirit and the two of them return as ghosts to haunt the village.